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    This is an icon community for sharing icons as well as tutorials (please state clearly whether the tutorials are for Paint Shop Pro or Photo Shop).

    The Basics.

    + No icon requests.

    + NO FOBS, COLORBARS, HEADERS or LAYOUTS. This is an ICONS community. There are other communities out there to which you can post your other graphics. Go find them.

    + You may advertise your own icon communities if you give some example icons with your post.

    + You may advertise your own icon journal if you include at least three icons from that set in a post here.

    + You may NOT advertise unrelated communities. That litters people's friends lists. Such posts will be deleted.

    + No spamming or being nasty. That includes making fun of people's icons.

    + Make sure you follow the icon makers rules, especially on the credit front.

    + Failure to comply with these rules will get you banned from the community entirely. No warnings.


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    New maintainer: magicalicons



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